Craft Your Perfect Dining Experience at Aqua Terra Steak + Sushi

On a night out during a snowy evening, there’s no place like downtown Salt Lake City. And if getting a great meal is on your agenda, Aqua Terra Steak + Sushi makes it easy. Nestled right inside the doors under the Main Street bridge at City Creek Center, the restaurant is an inviting yet luxurious spot for a holiday meal, especially with favorites like salmon belly crispy rice, braised wild boar pappardelle, the Kansas City bone-in New York strip, or sumptuous black cod.

While every customer who dines at Aqua Terra can expect a delicious bite to eat and impeccable service, the restaurant offers a special something for those looking for a bit extra to go along with their meal. And what’s more, according to Elaina Morris—CEO and president of Ascend Hospitality Group, Aqua Terra’s restaurant management team—you can create any kind of private dining experience you want.

“We often refer to Aqua Terra as a curated experience—as in we create it for you—but our private dining program allows the guest to join us in the process,” Morris says. “You get involved as the host to design an experience for you and your guests. That’s everything from the menu to the music and the seating arrangement.”

Do you want to gather a large group around a long table with bigger plates to pass around? 

You got it. Take a seat and enjoy yourself!

Maybe you need an intimate lounge-style setting with smaller share plates to be enjoyed.

Salt Lake City Restaurant

No problem, the cushy furniture is right there for you.

Would you prefer soft jazz or contemporary rock playing in the background?

As you wish. “Siri, play something by The 1975.”

What’s best, Morris says, is that you can have the private dining experience of your dreams at a price you wouldn’t expect for this caliber dining experience. When you consider the atmosphere, culinary and service experiences, for the cost, Aqua Terra is a great value.

“I think a lot of times people don’t realize how inexpensive a curated dining experience can be,” Morris says. “I mean, obviously, cooking a giant dinner at your house with pans and pans of lasagna and salad is probably the least expensive way to do a big dinner. But it’s also exhausting, and a lot of cleanup. At Aqua Terra, we’ll take care of all that for you.”

The restaurant’s 500-square-foot private dining room features a communal-style table that seats 12, and in addition to the casual lounge space, the suite can host up to 24 guests for celebrations and gatherings of all kinds.

“I’m super proud of our restaurant design and setup at Aqua Terra, it really is the perfect place for any group or occasion,” Morris says.

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The private dining offerings elevate that thoughtfulness even further, especially during the time of year when gathering together means so much more. To learn more about private dining at Aqua Terra, visit their website at

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