2024 Best Restaurant: Pho 777

Here’s the thing about Pho. It’s kind of like that old saw about pizza even when “it’s bad, it’s not that bad.” Except here’s where that breaks down. Bad pizza is so ubiquitous that people think bad pizza is just, well, pizza. So it goes with pho, there are easily more than 100 joints around the city serving pho. But only a few make more than a bowl of broth with “stuff” in it. The quality of the “stuff” (and the broth) is what matters. And Pho 777 has the good stuff. This award will be hotly debated because pho, like pizza, is a preferential creature. Here’s why Pho 777 stands out. The broth is made from bones. It is made from scratch every day. The ingredients are fresh and it all comes together to allow the soup sipper to improvise, as is required. 

3585 S. Redwood Rd., West Valley City  |  pho777utah.com

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Jeremy Pugh
Jeremy Pughhttps://www.saltlakemagazine.com/
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