Salt Lake City Restaurants Serving Delectable Octopus Dishes

Ah, the octopus. A marvel in the culinary world, and in Utah, it’s transformed into a symphony of flavors. We’ve talked octopus here before because I can’t get enough of it. Let’s embark on a gastronomic journey across the Beehive State, exploring how chefs showcase this sea creature into culinary masterpieces. Get ready for a tentacle-filled taste adventure!

“Spicy Tako” at Takashi, Salt Lake City
Takashi, a jewel in Salt Lake City’s culinary crown, offers the Spicy Tako. This dish, known for its perfect balance of heat and flavor, showcases tender octopus in a way that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Served Gunkan Maki or “battleship style,” the tako or octopus is served with seaweed salad and eel sauce.

18 W Market Street
Salt Lake City

Octopus at Osteria Amore. Photo by Lydia Martinez

“Polpo Croccante” at Osteria Amore
The crispy octopus at Osteria Amore is a decadent treat. The potato cream alone acts as a sauce more than mashed potatoes. While the confit cherry tomatoes, sage, and aioli sauce contrast perfectly with this extra-crispy offering.

Osteria Amore
224 S. 1300 E.
Salt Lake City 385.270.5606

“Grilled Octopus” at Post Office Place
You’ll likely have to wait for a table at Takashi, so why not check out their sister space next door? Of course, it also boasts a solid octopus option. The grilled octopus is a fushion-y mix with olive, preserved lemon, chili oil, and fingerling potato. You’ll want to add this one to your list. 

Post Office Place
16 W Market Street
Salt Lake City

“Htapodi” at Manoli’s, Salt Lake City
Manoli’s Htapodi brings a taste of Greece to Utah. This dish features tender octopus prepared in a traditional Greek style, with a bit of char, and infused with Mediterranean flavors. Local-ish Idaho Zürsun beans and a green olive relish make this a special dish. Olives and octopus are besties for sure.

402 E Harvey Milk Blvd #2
Salt Lake City

Octopus at Copper Common. Photo by Lydia Martinez

“Grilled Octopus” at Copper Common, Salt Lake City
Copper Common’s Grilled Octopus is a testament to simplicity and flavor. Grilled to perfection, this dish highlights the natural taste of the octopus, served with the classic pairing of chorizo and the unique addition of dehydrated olives. But the charred tomato yogurt takes it over the tangy top.

Copper Common
111 E Broadway
Salt Lake City

“Spanish Octopus” at Current Fish & Oyster, Salt Lake City
The Spanish Octopus at Current Fish & Oyster is a culinary masterpiece. Combining the rich flavors of Spain with the delicate texture of octopus, this dish is a harmonious blend of flavor and tradition. You’ll find heirloom beans and eggplant rounding out the dish.

Current Fish & Oyster
279 E 300 S
Salt Lake City

Octopus at La Cevicheria. Photo by Lydia Martinez

“Pulpo Zarandeado” at La Cevicheria, Salt Lake City
La Cevicheria offers a unique take with their Pulpo Zarandeado. And it is possibly my favorite on the list. Inspired by traditional Latin American flavors, presents the octopus in a vibrant and zesty way, offering a fresh and exciting culinary experience. This one is worth pulling out your phone and snapping a pic.

La Cevicheria
123 E 200 S
Salt Lake City

And there you have it – a tantalizing tour of some of my favorite Utah octopus dishes. From the spicy kick of Takashi’s Spicy Tako to the traditional Greek flavors of Manoli’s Htapodi and the Latin American zest of La Cevicheria’s Pulpo Zarandeado, the octopus scene in Utah is as diverse as it is delicious. This list is a starting point to explore the rich and varied ways octopus is celebrated in Utah’s culinary landscape. If I missed your favorite, please let me know; I’ll need to check it out. Each of these is a story of innovation, tradition, and the sheer joy of cooking, turning the humble octopus into a star on the plate. Whether you’re dining in a chic city restaurant or a cozy eatery with mountain views, these octopus dishes are not just meals; they’re experiences that showcase the creativity and passion of Utah’s chefs.

Greg Brinkman
Greg Brinkman
Greg Brinkman is a freelance food, travel, and culture writer. He has written for Salt Lake Magazine and Suitcase Foodist. He is a professional dabbler and is obsessed with all things food, travel, style and fitness.

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