2021 May-June

The first summer issue of Salt Lake magazine is now available on store shelves and newsstands. The latest issue helps ease readers back into exploration and adventure while recognizing  that the world is still adjusting to a “new normal.”

We can all agree that the summer of 2020 was not a real summer. That’s why, in our May/June issue, Salt Lake magazine committed to the idea of “double summer.” We’re making up for a year trapped inside our homes with Rocky Mountain high adventures road-tripping through Colorado and, closer to home, dozens of possible adventures to cure our collective case of cabin fever.

In this issue of Salt Lake magazine, we also honor those who have spent the last year looking outside themselves to give others hope. Heroes of the pandemic reflect on these last 12 months—including the perspectives of State Epidemiologist Angela Dunn, an ER doctor dedicated to aiding the disenfranchised, a local grocery store manager trying to balance protecting his employees and serving his community and a grade schooler who coped with her own fear of the virus by finding a way she could give back. 

Also in this issue: The return of the Park Silly Market and other outdoor summer festivals, how Utah’s ancient alien-like landscapes inspired the search for life on another world, why wildfire season has changed forever, the trendiest bike on the road, game-changing outdoor cooking gadgets and the reasons behind Utah’s trampoline obsession.