2021 September-October

Salt Lake City is built on secrets. Uncover them in the latest issue of Salt Lake magazine. From a lost Mormon colony to a rampaging royal elephant to a sphinx with the face of Joseph Smith, explore the strange, obscure and unexplained stories and lore from Salt Lake City’s history. 

Now for a poorly kept secret: Utah is the perfect place to field test outdoor gear. That’s given the trailblazers of Utah’s outdoor industry an edge to challenge and transform how business is done. Salt Lake introduces readers to four leaders and innovators of the field: the legends behind Cotopaxi, Niche Snowboards, Fezzari Bicycles and KÜHL.

We’re hitting the road again for Salt Lake’s 2021 Travel Series. This time, it’s adventures under the Big Sky in Montana. Road trip itineraries let readers know where to go and what to do when they get there. We’ll also tell you why the two most essential items might be a fanny pack and bear spray. 

A little closer to home, the “State Watch” details on the debate over Little Cottonwood Canyon’s traffic woes—is either option going to have enough impact? In “Park City Life,” why you should never call the Park City Song Summit a mere “festival” and a butcher who creates poetry with meat. There’s more food than that, of course, in “On The Table.” We tried the new all-brunch-all-the-time restaurant, Sunday’s Best, that is feeding the brunch craze and sampled the recipes of Utah’s very own Salsa Queen. Speaking of queens, ever wonder why Utah is the place…for drag? The latest issue tells the stories behind its fabulous beginnings. And, as FanX returns to Salt Lake City, we show off the cosplay creations that rival couture fashion.