2022 January-February

An avalanche in the Millcreek Canyon backcountry on Feb. 26, 2021 killed four people and shook the Utah ski community. A year later, we’ve heard about the dramatic rescues, the causes and the aftermath, but countless stories about the people involved remain untold. In the January/February 2022 issue of Salt Lake, one of the survivors tells some of these stories, honoring the memory of those lost.  

This issue’s other feature stories take us on a journey through California’s manifold landscape, starting at the once-great, now-great-again beach town of Oceanside. And, from BYU TV’s Studio C to stand-up destination Dry Bar, Utah’s squeaky clean brand of comedy has gained national attention and grown to become Utah County’s main cultural export. Local comedians, performers and content creators reveal the secret of the Utah comedy scene’s success. 

With the ski season in full swing, Salt Lake has a guide to hitting the slopes and learning to ski, even when the money is tight. We’re also getting ready for the New Year with the best ways to take on those fitness resolutions and the dreaded “dry January” with now-trendy “dry” cocktails. 

Speaking of new, Tony Gill writes in “Park City Life” about Park City’s new mayor and a new noodle joint. And, in “On The Table,” a Salt Lake City culinary favorite opens up a new location downtown: we check out Pago on Main. Finally, we answer the question of why you can’t find the finest Utah-made wines in the state liquor stores.