2023 May-June

The great outdoors is calling, and there’s no greater place to answer the call than the Beehive State. Salt Lake magazine’s editorial staff presents our picks for essential spring and summer adventures around Utah in the May/June 2023 issue, which is out on newsstands today, just in time for the start of outdoor recreation season. And, with summer nearly upon us, it’s time for the return of outdoor festivals. Salt Lake has your guide to that and outdoor gear for Utah’s “in-between” season.

In this issue, we make an argument in defense of lunch. Inconveniently situated in the middle of the day, it’s tempting to skip lunch when we’re busy, but there are many places and ways to do lunch. A collection of the right lunches for any group or situation. Also featured, is the Dungeons & Dragons phenomenon. Utah plays more D&D than any other state. What’s the appeal? The students in an after-school tabletop gaming club in Layton show us what is so magical about D&D.

In Park City Life, The Deer Valley Concert Series is back and development woes have citizens at odds—it must be summer in Park City. In On the Table, sweet and savory Korean pastries, addictive K Dogs and other surprises and tasty treats that can be found in the Chinatown Market. And Bar Fly has the tale of two bars: one new with a bold concept and one old school with a new owner.