2024 January – February

The Little Cottonwood Canyon Gondola seems all set to move forward. The plan has detractors and skeptics, but most agree that winter traffic on Highway 210 is unsustainable and untenable. Is a gondola the answer?  In the January/February issue of Salt Lake magazine, the story of how the gondola plan came to be and what happens next.

Also featured in this issue of Salt Lake magazine, how readers can explore Utah’s Mighty Five in the winter season. During the spring and summer, crowds flock to Utah’s National Parks. They’re missing out on what the parks have to offer in the wintertime, but the person who dares venture to the Mighty Five in the cold gets to miss out on the crowds. For more winter adventures, Salt Lake magazine has the ski runs that should be on your bucket list.

It might be hard to believe, but it has been 25 years since the premiere of SLC Punk! James Merendino’s ode to Utah’s 1980s punk scene peels back Reagan-era Salt Lake’s clean sheen to expose a raucous, anarchistic counterculture. The film still holds up, but it divides the punks it puts on display. Salt Lake speaks with Merendino about the film’s legacy.

In The Hive, The Sundance Film Festival returns for its 40th edition and a new director hopes to shape the festival’s influence, and local businesses struggle to navigate the construction in Sugar House. Park City Life Editor Tony Gill details the city’s search for solutions to the housing shortage for seasonal workers. In On The Table, Editor Lydia Martinez serves Hog & Tradition’s barbecue—a triple threat, fusing Southern, Tongan and Dominican influences. Finally, Bar Fly Editor Avrey Evans introduces us to Sayonara, a new Tokyo-inspired Izakaya bar in Downtown Salt Lake City.