We Ranked Salt Lake’s Top Cheesesteaks

Historically—ever since its creation in 1930, there has always been a war about cheesesteaks—such as from the two infamous Philadelphia steak sandwich rivals Pat’s and Geno’s. And being its birthplace, both hold strong claims of being the best. It almost seems like a huge part of eating a Philly cheesesteak is to argue about it. Keeping with that tradition, the staff at Salt Lake magazine agreed that we should also do our part, and put an end to any argument between our local rivals, meat and meatless. To do so, we put five local Philly-style cheesesteaks to the test and here’s how these ooey-gooey sandwiches stacked up:

#5 Grinders 13: We were disappointed in this cheesesteak. The beef had a strange aftertaste and wasn’t very flavorful. One staff member said the beef reminded them of chewy jerky. The raw onions and mayo didn’t complement the melted American cheese and the roll tasted stale. The (only) good thing about this cheesesteak was the fresh tomatoes. With that said, we must add that one of our staff members absolutely loved this cheesesteak. To each their own! $

#4 Moochies: “Meh” was the only word we could muster up to describe this cheesesteak. The grilled onions and melted American cheese were about the only thing we found satisfactory. The thin-sliced ribeye steak could have had more flavor, and it tasted a bit dry. Our recommendation: Stick to their meatball sub. $

#3 Bud’s (vegan): This cheesesteak surprised our entire staff. Most of us (except for the one vegetarian) groaned when the word vegan was mentioned. But after that first bite, we were all astonished. Bud’s killed it (not literally, it’s vegan) with this cheesesteak. The peppered soy steak was full of flavor and paired well with bell peppers, grilled onions, and warm smoky cheese sauce. $

#2 DP Cheesesteaks: This cheesesteak was beautifully crafted. When cut, it resembled a pinwheel. We all really appreciated the melted white American cheese and the fresh Strogonoff-like beef flavor. The bread to meat ratio was superb. Not too sloppy, but not too bready. You could eat this cheesesteak on the go. $$

#1 Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery:  “Looks like home to me!” says the Philadelphian in the office—we knew we were off to a good start. This cheesesteak was HUGE! Seasoned well, with the perfect amount of onions and peppers. Topped with ooey gooey melted provolone cheese. It was sloppy and juicy in the best of ways. Be prepared for a hot mess but make sure to bask in its messy glory. $$

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