written by: Derek Deitsch     photo by: Adam Finkle

It’s true we are in the season of sweets, but I believe desserts should be enjoyed any time of day at any time of year. You’ll find me eating pie for breakfast, a slice of cake before dinner and a scoop of cookie dough at any hour. I want to experience all the sweets the Beehive State has to offer. 


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Here is a baker’s dozen of exceptional local dessert shops: The Mighty BakerJune PieRockwell Ice CreamBubble & Brown BakeryShirokuma Snow CreamThe Chocolate DessertPierre Country Bakery & CafeThe Protein FoundryThe Baking HiveBig O DougnutsDolcetti GelatoRuby Snap CookiesFilings and Emulsions

Watch the Behind the Scenes of the food photo shoot:

video by: Andrea Kile Peterson

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