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Well-Being, Family and Private Canyon Silence Come Together at Luxurious Sentierre

Back in 2011, Stan Castleton, a luxury developer with decades of experience, began work on what he intends to be his legacy project, Sentierre. Having recently completed the St. Regis, Deer Valley, he imagined the next resort as a place where families, friends, and soon-to-be friends, could gather and escape from what anyone might consider their daily lives. It would be an intimate place where well being, luxury, and connection would be paramount. 

Twelve years later, Castleton’s vision has come to life at Sentierre Padre Canyon, an ultra-luxury destination resort that seamlessly blends in with the red rocks of surrounding Snow Canyon State Park. While it’s been a long time coming, that’s not to say the last decade and change haven’t been filled with hard work. His group, DDRM Partners, along with Alan Layton, the longtime CEO of Layton Construction and the original owner of the land in Padre Canyon where the resort sits, spent years tirelessly planning Sentierre from the ground up.

“These things take time and we wanted to do it right,” says David Castleton, Stan’s son and Project Manager.

Natalie Tallakson, Sales Advisor at Sentierre who is also over Guest Relations, likes to echo the elder Castleton when describing Sentierre. “Stan believes this will be ‘North America’s next great destination resort of its kind’ because of the depth of the consultants we’ve brought on board plus the proposed wellness and recreational offerings at Sentierre,” she says. 

When guests and Owner-Members aren’t out hiking the trails, rock-climbing, mountain biking, or destination rappelling, they’re probably taking time to enhance their well-being in this unexpected location which is entirely surrounded by a designated wilderness area in addition to a state park.

As you approach sentierre, the natural beauty envelops you in a way that the cares of everyday life are released. You become lighter as you enter Padre Canyon and that feeling continues creating the space for connectedness and healing with yourself and your loved ones.”

—Natalie Tallakson,
Sales Advisor

That happens in many different ways, the management duo explains. The resort’s crowning feature consists of meticulously planned indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, as well as a soon-to-be-completed Wellbeing Academy and Spa, complete with every kind of modern treatment and traditional holistic practices. Whether you’re looking to grow physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, or even spiritually, you’ll find the means to do so at the Academy and Spa.

But while the Academy and Spa and the carefully designed villas—there are 45 custom villa homes being offered for sale—give Sentierre its shape, the resort’s best attraction could be its seamless blend into the peaceful refuge that surrounds it. At night, there are no distractions, just perfect stillness.

“Because there’s no light pollution whatsoever, the stargazing in the evening is just unexplainable,” David says. “It’s remarkable. You just don’t get this anywhere else.”

Dining at Sentierre:  A Note from the Chef

Private Residence Chef Edward Wright brings years of experience to the kitchen at the brand-new ultra-luxurious resort. In his own words, he tells the story of his culinary journey and explains the food-first approach he brings to Sentierre.

“My name is Edward Wright and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I began my cooking career at the Bellagio Hotel, working at one of the city’s most well-known restaurants, Todd English’s Olives.

I soaked up all the knowledge I could in the few years that I worked there. After that, I got my first job as a chef, at a spot called Beso, which was owned by actress Eva Longoria. I quickly moved my way up the ladder despite never attending culinary school. I was fortunate to work early in my career with some great chefs who passed much of their knowledge. It also helped me to live in Las Vegas, home to some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world. It was exciting to find my passion for great food.

 “I believe in a clean style of cooking. I don’t complicate the plate. If you use top-notch products and a great technique, while keeping it all about the food, you can’t do wrong. I’m not a big talker, but I’ve learned I don’t have to be. My food speaks for itself.” 

—Chef Edward Wright,
Private Residence Chef

After working on my craft in my hometown, I decided to move to St. George, Utah where I worked at several different restaurants. After many years of working at a few different spots, I met Stan Castleton, the mastermind behind luxurious Sentierre Padre Canyon. We started by hosting a weekend tasting in a downtown St. George showroom. This was where I became the chef I am today.

After two years at Sentierre, I decided to do my own thing. In 2021, I began my own private chef experience, while remaining a part of the Sentierre family. I’m also a co-owner of Humble Kitchen, an organization that works with nonprofits.

800 N. Tuacahn Dr., Ivins
435-429-7000 | sentierre.com

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