Ski (all of) Utah Brightest at night: Making turns and spinning tales at Brighton

Sid Boughton and Sid Boughton — the Third and the Fourth, respectively — are holding court at Molly Greens. Not quite like they own the place. But not quite like they don’t either.


They could probably stake a claim to this place. The father-son duo — and dozens of family members and friends — have been renting out Brighton Lodge for years, and even take over Molly’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

These Floridians could do their annual ski vacation anywhere. They always do it at Brighton. Always.

“It’s like home to us,” Sid the Forth says. “The atmosphere — it’s so laid back here. And the snow — all the snow — we’re never disappointed.”

We aren’t, either.


We arrive at the hour most resorts in Utah are closing up shop for the night. At Brighton there are still five hours of skiing and boarding to be had. Before it gets too dark we hit Wren — where even this late in the afternoon there are still vast pools of powder and, in the trees, plenty of fresh tracks still to be made. As night falls and the lights go on we cruise the groomers, ducking in and out of the treeline, and then go watch the younger skiers and boarders in the terrain park.

Back at Molly’s, we raise a glass to the snow, which has been falling almost without stop for five days. Beer by beer, we’re staking our claim, too.

Next stop: Alta.

Matthew D. LaPlante skied or boarded all of Utah’s 14 ski resorts—in seven days—with fellow powderhounds Jared “JJ” Jones and Erik “Swede” Price. You can continue to follow their adventures on Twitter: @SkiAllOfUtah.

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