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SkinSpirit master practitioner Lindsay Breinholt has built a career in supporting women. As a licensed Nurse Practitioner, in her early career she worked as a midwife and women’s health expert. Over time, she has grown with her clients and prides herself on seeing the “whole woman”. “My clients are healthy, they exercise, they eat well, and they take care of their families,” she says. “It’s hard when they see their reflection in the mirror to not see the way they feel inside. My job is to support them and to support their natural beauty.” Contrary to outdated stereotypes about plastic surgery, the treatments offered at SkinSpirit are designed, tested, and carefully administered to bolster and support women. The goal, Breinholt says, is to enhance and not to replace. “Our clients don’t want that ‘done look’ so we work closely with them, over time to ensure that our treatments are not replacing something that isn’t there,” she says.

“We want to support our clients’ natural beauty and spirit.” “It’s about vulnerability and understanding a client’s self-connection,” Breinholt says. “I have to earn their trust,” she says. “We’re supporting them through life changes and we share a lot together. We don’t make sales pitches, we’re not trying to sell them on the latest thing, it’s all about doing the right thing for our client, educating, and giving the right advice, products, and treatments. This is a long-term relationship we work to earn loyalty and trust.” For Breinholt, breaking down stereotypes and showing clients how they can be their best selves. “I get that you think addressing worries about your appearance is hard,” she says. “But the cool thing about injectables is that this is a non-surgical option. This isn’t a celebrity treatment, it’s as accessible as getting your nails done or your hair cut and colored. I take non-believers and show them. My motto is “no one should know I exist, I’m here to take care of you.”

A lifelong Utahan, Breinholt understands this community. “We have such a beautiful state and that reflects in the people who choose to live here, even those who didn’t grow up here. I call it ‘Utah Organic’ and it’s a feeling as much as an outward appearance and we want to share that with our clients.” SkinSpirit is the No. 1 Botox and dermal filler provider in the country, with a comprehensive menu of award-winning skin and body treatments. Established in 2003, the company continues to grow and thrive in California, Washington, Texas, and now, Utah. SkinSpirit clients experience the highest level of expert care and safety standards at its newest clinic in Sugar House – a unique and luxurious medical spa providing tested and trusted treatments to bring desired results. CEO and Co-Founder Lynn Heublein leads an impressive and highly trained staff and encourages team members to experience treatments themselves and share their feedback with clients.
1160 E. 2100 South, SLC
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