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A Sydney transplant dishes up delicious, healthy fare at Harvest, the new breakfast-lunch-coffee snack spot on the corner near the Town Lift at 820 Park Ave. Try the savory Buddha Bowl of Goodness (brown rice, pumpkin puree, oven roasted tomato, fermented cabbage, pickled onion, herbed ricotta avocado, seeds, nuts and miso ginger dressing) or sweet caramelized banana and coconut “porridge” (that’s Aussie for oatmeal). Lunch options include a Vietnamese pulled-pork roll, fresh salmon and quinoa salad, and a harvest tart of herb ricotta, poached egg, roast tomato and greens.

Providing locals with light and healthy options is a fun challenge for the team at Harvest, who have been pleased with the enthusiastic reception of their vegan- and gluten-free options. Part of the Harvest ethos is that good food in good company is just as important as nutrition. “It’s more than just putting something in your body—it’s about connecting with the people you are eating with and connecting with your environment. In Australia, breakfast is just as important as the evening meal—it’s a chance to start the day with a hearty meal and connect with the people you love, and that’s one of the biggest differences we see in America. We want to slow it down.” 

Sourcing local products and suppliers was the plan from the get-go, starting by commissioning Hugo Coffee Roasters to create a house blend with the same flavor as an Australian favorite. Bread and pastries are supplied by Eva’s Bakery, a Salt Lake baker with their own organically grown flour. Chocolate, of course, is provided by Ritual Chocolate.

written by: Vanessa Conabee

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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