Small Lake City Concert: The Hollering Pines

Small Lake City Concerts are a monthly video session with a local band. You can watch our past sessions here. This month’s installment features The Hollering Pines, a high desert rock ’n’ roll outfit committed to tracing the outer contours of Americana. 

Mansion of Heartbreak, the sophomore release by , presents 12 worried songs for worried times. Recorded directly to tape at Orchard Studios with production by Jay William Henderson and Ryan Tanner, Mansion of Heartbreak builds on the band’s 2012 album (Long Nights, Short Lives and Spilled Chances) by introducing a bit more grit into the grain, guiding a dark thread through a silver needle.

​Sisters Marie Bradshaw (guitar) and Kiki Jane Sieger (bass) knit their voices in the long tradition of harmonizing sisters, with instrumental backing befitting the house band at the Cosmic American Barroom—Dylan Schorer on guitars and M. Horton Smith on mandolin and guitar, Daniel Young on drums, and help from guests Ryan Tanner (piano) and Billy Contreras (fiddle). The band unfolds their sonic map on this record, with nudges from Hi Records-style horns and a new set of textures. Mansions of Heartbreak confirms the Hollering Pines’ place as a high desert rock ’n’ roll outfit committed to tracing the outer contours of Americana.

Natalie Simpson
Natalie Simpson
Natalie Simpson is a regular photography and video contributor at Salt Lake Magazine. She covers Small Lake City local music features, Sundance Film Festival, and events. Natalie does corporate and lifestyle photography and video for her SLC based business, Beehive Photography and Video. When she isn't shooting, you can find her hiking in Millcreek Canyon with her boyfriend and dog, or at shows at The State Room.

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