Saturday, March 17, 2018

Small Lake City Concerts

Welcome to Small Lake City Concerts. Here you will find exclusive music videos with local musicians.

The Proper Way

The Proper Way, came about through a combination of being put on the spot by a promoter to come up with a name and Utah’s billboard campaign about the “proper way” to dispose of prescription medication. Their sound is much more difficult to define.

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Vincent Draper and The Culls

If music is Vincent Draper and the Culls’ first love, beer is their second. They belong to a genre of music known as sad bastard—a style characterized by morose tones and tender lyrics. Second, their music videos often reflect the introspective emotionality of the songs.

Kelli Moyle says she has always had music in her blood. And the voice that came out of her is raspy and soulful—and after playing the Salt Lake circuit as part of everything from punk to Americana bands, Moyle is now in the process of recording a solo album. Read the full article:


Utah-based, Cinders rose to fame with the help of YouTuber Alex Rainbird, who put them on one of his popular indie-music playlists. The playlist resulted in the successful funding of a Kickstarter fundraiser for the production of their first album and, subsequently, to a million streams of that album on the online music site Spotify. They are a good mix of heavy, fast, fun, light music.Their favorite description of their music is rowdy-acoustic-pop.


Music: SIAK Video: Natalie Simpson.

“There was a time when I thought I could hear every electronic sound that was ever made,” says electro musician Chris Nielson, stage name SIAK.

“[Electro’s] an ‘80s kind of sound,” SIAK continues, “So, electro references science fiction, breakdancing, robots and the like,” and, he says, though the masses may think of electro as a European thing, the music is steeped in the history of Motown. “All techno comes from Detroit. It’s an American tradition—believe it or not.”

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Timmy The Teeth

Music: Timmy The Teeth– All the best. Video: Natalie Simpson.

“I wear a cowboy hat” laughs Utah County based singer-songwriter Timmy The Teeth. “A lot of times people think I’m country because of the clothes I wear. I wouldn’t say I’m country, but we have a little twang in our songs. I guess I’m just a singer of songs. What comes out, comes out”.

“I just write about what I feel or what happens in my life,” Teeth continues. “I fear that I’ll become stagnant and I won’t have anything to write about. It’s scary to become complacent or to become comfortable”.