Smokey says: Pipe down!

With increasing numbers of humans infesting our national parks, a new ethic is being added to “leave no trace” to protect nature’s organic serenade. Airliners, Harleys and ATVs produce a cacophony that drowns out the sounds of wind whispering in the trees, gurgling mountain streams, bird songs and, yes, even crickets. Human-produced racket also ruins any chance of seeing Bambi or the cougar stalking him. Here’s some ways to enhance your desert solitaire.

Replace that obnoxious RV generator with solar panels.

Use earbuds when listening to your tunes. And don’t ever hang Bluetooth speakers from your backpack. (You want to attract a grizzly who’s into death metal?)

Turn off the phone. Nothing’s worse than someone hollering at their ex on a cell phone.

Don’t rev your motorcycle (a growing noise issue) in the parks. What the heck, park it and take a hike.

Buy or rent an electric or hybrid vehicle for your next outdoor adventure.

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