Home City Life DABC Report • Axe us again. Nicely.

DABC Report • Axe us again. Nicely.

DABC Report • Axe us again. Nicely.

It was a very boring DABC meeting on the final Tuesday of May. That is, until owner of Social Axe‘s Mark Floyd returned for more pain, looking again to get a liquor license for his business that encourages people to throw axes. He’d been told the month before he should get some pool tables if he wanted his license because the Utah legislature somehow failed to enumerate “axe throwing” in its list of what they consider to be suitable recreational activities for a recreational liquor license holder.

The Department of Alcohol Beverage Control previously said the letter of the law was what it was. No axe-ceptions.

So axe man Floyd got pool tables, more than one. (Really?) One commissioner said he didn’t think that was enough. The axe-ing applicant would also have to put up signs announcing his place was a pool hall. The axe-ing applicant asked why? That wasn’t the letter of the law. The chairman declared the law was “an elaborate charade.” Hard words, not axes, were tossed back and forth.

In the end the vote was taken, the hatchet buried, and Social Axe got its license. The commission chairman commented that his daughter had gotten social and gone axe throwing. She liked it.

After the axe thing it was announced annual liquor store sales numbers are up 8.4 percent without mentioning people must be downing more drinks.

Perhaps they’ll take that extra 2.4 million dollars and use it for the newly announced employee retention program.

Also, there will be a lottery in Utah. Just not the one you think. Cade Meier announced rare exotic booze like Pappy’s bourbon will no longer be nicked by liquor store employees before the public can get its hands and lips on it. Meier didn’t actually use these words, but the public has complained. In a rare moment the DABC responded to the public in public.

Now you can sign up for a chance to get some exotic High Demand Rare Products by becoming a member of the DABC lottery group, filling out a DABC form and offering a small child as collateral. Only one bottle per month for you though.

In its wisdom the DABC has declared no DABC employees nor their families may be part of the lottery. They also amended the lottery so no kid collateral is actually required.

Of course restaurants and bars will get no love.

Nor will they get any bottles of the Pappy. Not one.

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