Solar Week for the Great American Eclipse

As I’m sure you’re all aware (the event is taking Facebook by storm), the Great American Eclipse is happening on Monday, August 21, across the world. But because it will cross the United States from sea to sea, it’s being called the Great American Eclipse.

Between now and August 21, Clark Planetarium is offering educational assistance and programs to help the public learn more about the sun, solar eclipses and how to safely view these astronomical events. They are hosting Solar Week from August 7 to August 12, featuring science demonstrations and public lectures in the lobby surrounding the Planetarium’s Science on a Sphere exhibit. The week will end with a special Training Day, on August 12 from 9 am to 1 pm, to help the public fit and use solar filters on their telescopes, cameras and other devices.

Because most of us don’t have the time, resources or patience to drive to Idaho for the complete eclipse (folks with really big heads call it “totality”), check in next week for a list of places in Utah that you can view a 91 percent eclipse (which isn’t too shabby).

And make sure you pick up the proper eyewear for the event so your eyes don’t fall out, fry or otherwise stop working. Most viewing parties will be offering eclipse glasses, along with the Clark Planetarium throughout this week. You can also go to any of the John A. Moran Eye Centers for free eclipse glasses.

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