Ask the Experts: Owner of Soulstice Day Spa Nicki Luck

What’s better than one expert? Well, as Nicki Luck, the owner of Soulstice Day Spa & Salon in West Jordan, would say, she benefits tremendously from having a staff full of experts at her business.

“I just appreciate their professionalism and commitment to continuing to expand their knowledge,” Luck says. “It really makes my job easier.”

Talking to the department heads for each of the service lines provided at the spa: esthetics, massage therapy, and hair, it’s clear how much they care about being on the cutting edge. They have a common thread in that they each believe continuing to expand their knowledge and techniques allows them to customize each service to best fit the client’s needs.

Marie Moran, who heads up the esthetics department at Soulstice, makes a point to get treatments both within Soulstice and at outside spas for research purposes. She wants to make sure her team at work is doing the best job around.

“Everybody does things differently and unless you experience how somebody else does it, you only know what you do,” Moran explains.  “You can always learn something new. Experiencing treatments firsthand, and continually researching trends, products and equipment, we ensure that we’re keeping things up to date.”

Kasey Bradley, Lead stylist and general manager at Soulstice can relate. Over a 13-year-long career as a hairdresser, she’s seen styles come and go.

While keeping up on the latest trends might seem like a daunting challenge for a hair stylist, Bradley is confident she has the tools to handle whatever happens to come into vogue.

“There’s always new techniques and new tips and tricks to be learned, but having a base foundation of understanding cutting and coloring, you can weave that into what our clients are looking for,” Bradley says. “It kind of all works as one function.”

But in some disciplines in the spa and salon world, new techniques require new training and specialization. Cupping, an ancient technique, for example, is a somewhat new service in massage therapy. If you’ve ever seen an athlete with dark, circular marks where little cups have suctioned onto their skin, you’ll be familiar with the concept.

Whereas not every spa will have a therapist trained in cupping on staff, Soulstice’s massage director Heather Pedersen is proud to lead a team full of therapists who can provide this deeply therapeutic massage method at a high level.

“We do training for all different modalities of massage,” Pedersen says, listing CBD targeted treatment, hot stone massages, and cranial sacral among other service options. “I have a great team. Everyone does their thing very well.”

So no matter what sort of spa treatment you’re looking for, chances are you can find someone who can do it—and do it very well—at Soulstice.

Soulstice Day Spa

1100 w. 7800 south, West Jordan | 801-255-3655

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