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Soulstice Day Spa & Salon, aptly named in honor of renewal, wants to help you feel refreshed and ready for summer–inside and out. Treat yourself to a “Massagerita,” a coconut and lime oil-infused massage with customization options just like your favorite cocktail: with salt (add a coconut body scrub), frozen (infused with cooling peppermint oil), or on the rocks (upping the massage game with a hot stone treatment).


“We really strive to provide quality service that makes people feel like family,” says Luck. “Our membership deals only build on that relationship!” Enjoy personalized services at preferred pricing, exclusive specials and earn points in the loyalty rewards program.

For summer basics, Soulstice has every package under the sun. Frizz-battlers can swing by for a Brazilian blowout to keep their hair as carefree as their summer days. Got a sunburn? No worries, their facials will hydrate and immediately start to counteract that sun damage. If you’re planning a tropical getaway, they offer full body waxing: whatever you need for that swimsuit.

Exterior beauty is not the only goal at Soulstice. Soulstice Day Spa & Salon is the one-stop location for all of your summer beauty needs. You can even complete your look with a flawless mani-pedi (try out the coconut-lime pedicure–your toes will be tapping with delight).

“Wellness is really our focus this year. It’s such an important part of beauty,” says Nicki Luck, owner and president of Soulstice. “If we aren’t well inside, it will show on the outside.”

From supplements to feed-your-skin facials that clean out toxins and protect you from blue light, Soulstice is prepared to help you feel beautiful by giving your body exactly what it needs.

Come treat your soul: Join the Soulstice Day Spa & Salon family today! Visit to see all of their luxurious treatments.

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