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Staff Picks – Father's Day

Time to spoil all our fathers out there. Father’s Day is this weekend and we’ve got some great events, gifts or ideas for showing him how much he means to you.

Janette Erickson, Sales Associate

Nobody ever has equaled the Brits in making beautiful-but-barely-functional sports cars. From Jaguars to Austin Healys, these machines from across the pond drive shade-tree mechanics to distraction. Dad can join what amounts to a group-therapy session with Anglophile bloody knuckle aficionados in the park. British cars and motorcycles, ranging from fully restored gems to daily beaters will be on noisy parade (if they start). British Field Day, Liberty Park, www.britishfieldday.com, Saturday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Ashley Szanter, Associate Editor

“I’m literally taking my dad axe throwing for Father’s Day. Social Axe Throwing in Ogden teaches even the most inexperienced athletes to throw axes like a pro after just one session. If you or your dad ever secretly wanted to be a Viking, then this is the Father’s Day outing for you.”

Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

Lock and load, Daddy-O!

Utah is the home of machine-gun innovator John Moses Browning, whose Colt automatic is the official state gun, and a scary number of state lawmakers pack heat on the floor as they annually pass evermore-open gun laws. If your NPR-listening dad has issues with this, but has never fired a gun—it’s time to give him some credibility in arguing with his wing-nut neighbors. Several local gun ranges rent handguns and offer safety training. After 50 rounds, Dad will have more informed opinions on gun-control and shooting-range cred. We recommend Doug’s Shoot N Sports, 4926 S. Redwood Rd., Taylorsville, 801-966-1802, www.dougsgunstore.com It’s $10 to rent a handgun (machine guns, $20!).

Brad Mee, Contributing Editor

Game on! If your dad is a big baseball fan, why not give him a piece of an authentic MLB game-used ball turned into something he’ll love and use? Choices include a half-ball bottle opener, cuff links, a wallet, a bracelet, and even a hat woven from the yarns taken from the inside of the ball. These are just a few of the unique options. What’s more, each piece is authenticated for the game in which the ball was used.

Check them out at O.C. Tanner Jewelers, 15 S. State Street, 801-532-3222, octannerjewelers.com

Mary Brown Malouf, Executive Editor

Picture from www.stregisdeervalley.com 

For a second, I considered 2016 Slide the City www.slidethecity.com for Daddy, and that would have been a real option 20 years ago for both of us. But he’s 93 now…so, not the best idea. I’m not sure either of us would live through it. Instead I’d give him another kind of high—a ride up the funicular and a 7452 Bloody Mary at St. Regis Deer Valley, followed by their BBQ brunch on the Mountain Terrace. I mean, he’s probably been eating food like your mom used to make/makes for quite awhile. The not-your-backyard menu ends with a spectacularly non-homemade dessert: liquid nitrogen ice cream. www.stregisdeervalley.com 

Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

I’m a sucker for live music and taste cocktails. And so is my dad. (Can one say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree?) My dad was the first person who tried sneak me into a bar underage. No offense to my dad, but there was no way this 14 year-old was going to pass as 21. Sadly my dad begging, “we just want to listen to the band,” wasn’t a good enough excuse. But now I’m way past 21 opening doors for bars and live music everywhere. Lake Effect has live music every weekend, but regardless if you want to celebrate Saturday night or Sunday—they’ve got you covered. Joshy Soul and the Cool will be rocking the place Friday night starting at 10 p.m. and Marmalade Chill will be serenading the joint on Sunday starting at 1 p.m. Raise your glass and toast to our dads!

Andrea Peterson :