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Staff Picks: Mother's Day

There are many things to thank your mother for—driving you around to multiple after school activities, wiping away your high-school broken heart tears, beginning each standing ovation from elementary on up and, of course, weeks of potty training. (Let’s be honest, that last one has come in very handy.) But truly, if it weren’t for those nine months of baby-making—which she reminds you of every time you talk—you wouldn’t be here today. So regardless of age, let’s honor our mothers. Here are our staff picks for dining out, pampering, entertaining or simply some of the best places to hang out and spend just a little extra love time with mom.

Amanda Pratt, Web and Production Specialist

A perfect day out with your mom or to find her the perfect gift… two birds with one stone at The Blended Table’s Artisan Market on Saturday, May 13th.  You can also order a pre-packaged picnic for four made special by the Blended Table.

Mary Brown Malouf, Executive Editor

You Decide. Lots of Mother’s Day gifts turn out not to be gifts—the inevitable breakfast in bed is one that comes to mind. You lie in bed, pretending to sleep while you hear the noise of your kitchen being used and cleaned ineptly, knowing you’re the one who will have to put things back in order after being served a meal you probably don’t want anyway. Plus, you have to wait for your coffee. I know, it’s adorable, but it’s really about the kids, not about you. So selfish of me to say that. So here’s a gift where the thought and the gift count. I’m the decider every day. It wears me out. I imagine lots of moms feel this way and that’s why I think the greatest gift those who love us can give is a fait accompli. You decide what to give me and where to take me for Mother’s Day. Don’t make me do it. Anyway, for Mother’s Day—take me to champagne brunch or lunch (Avenues Bistro on Third?) take me on a picnic (from Liberty Heights Fresh?), send me to a spa (Kura Door?). It’s all good. Just don’t make me decide.

Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

Don’t fight it. We all know that Mother’s Day (like Father’s Day and most holidays) is a profit-driven, made-up Hallmark creation. Yeah, but try telling a mother that. Even the coolest moms are pretty irrational about being deified.

Your best bet is killing ‘em with thoughtfulness. A sappy card, flowers, a photo of yourself with a fancy frame, bronze a pair of your current shoe wear—pull out all the stops. And that, of course, means brunch at Grand America and its “extravagant” buffet-a-rama. It’s sold out, but look for ticket scalpers outside. 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Christie Marcy, Associate Editor

Mother’s Day. Meh. Look, I’m a mom but I think the holiday is seriously silly. Kids never appreciate their mothers—they aren’t supposed to—until they have kids of their own, and then the cycle starts all over again. So, I try not to read to much into lack of adulation I get on my “special day” and focus on doing something that keeps my kids entertained and away from each other’s throats, just like every other Sunday. This typically includes baby animals, because why not?

I suggest Wheeler Farm, whose goats and sheep should be just right for all the “awwww” you can muster. Also, you can say to your children, “Look how much those lambs love their mama!” You know, to really get their goat. (#momjoke)

Jeanine Miller, Art Director

Photo from Bake 360

I’d love to be treated to breakfast at Bake 360, and an apricot croissant for dessert! They both morning and afternoon. Come in for some tasty coffee and enjoy a croque madame or quench your thirst with a soda and their house-made chilli-verde covered huevos rancheros.

Val Rasmussen, Contributing Editor

Calling all green-thumbed moms. Mother’s Day marks Salt Lake’s unofficial weekend of no more frost. In gardener terms, it’s time to plant your pots and veggies without worry of Mother Nature’s erratic weather (hopefully). While many moms head to brunch (Trio Cafe or Ruth’s Diner, both having notable brunches with outdoor patios), this mom wants to polish off the garden with annuals, veggies and herbs.

Wasatch Community Gardens is hosting one of my favorite springtime plant sales on Saturday, May 13 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at Rowland Hall. Chose from over 30,000 plants—including 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes—and enjoy the food trucks and coffee. Bring the whole family and let the little kids pick out their favorite veggies to watch grow over the summer.

Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

I’m a sucker for good jazz music—and I’m always up for a reason to get up and dance. Some of my fondest memories of both of my parents was going dancing with them. I grew up on the likes of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and the Count Baise Orchestra. The rest of Salt Lake magazine has great feedback for things to do on Sunday, but for our friends down in St. George—take your mom out Saturday night to the Big Band Hangar Dance located at the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum. It is only $15 per person in advance/$20 at door and it’s a great reason to honor those who have served and sacrificed in the name of freedom. (Work up an appetite for all those great Mother’s Day brunches.)

Andrea Peterson :