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Last week was Mother’s day and Father’s day is just around the corner. But what about you? You know you need a little me time. Time to treat yourself to a little extra pampering. The temperature is heating up outdoors which means ladies—it’s “Sandel weather!” Take your season old piggly wigglies out on a date for a little mani/pedi. Men, you know your frostbitten beards are just yearning for a toasty towel and clean shave. And we all can’t deny—regardless of season—we’d love an on call every day massage therapist. So here are our staff picks for some of the best places around town to indulge in a little self-spoiling.

Mary Brown Malouf, Executive Editor

Making It. Thanks to Utah’s amazing scenery and snow, Salt Lake has more places designed for pampering than many cities. But everyone’s definition of luxury is different and that’s why, of all the high-end, “world class” resorts and spas within reach, I like Sundance the best. The spa has character and Indian flute music besides all the treatments, the woods come right up to the walkways, the buildings aren’t so huge that they dwarf the landscape you’re there for, But the big deal for me is the Sundance Art Studio, where you can sign up for a class in painting, pottery, jewelry-making and other arts. There is probably nothing better for your brain and more relaxing for your spirit than creating something. Modern life tends to ignore this truth—unless you consider making money as creating something which I don’t.

Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

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Every once in a while you need to sit back and get yourself shaved by a professional barber, if only to slow down and recalibrate your outlook on life. We’d recommend Stefahn’s Barber Shop and urban-pioneer business (they’re courageously bringing civilization to SLC’s wild west side). Sure, the Internet is infested with high-tech, low-cost and vintage razors—but are you going to wrap your own face with a hot towel? Bring yourself a cuppa? Or wax your nostrils. Not likely. Just let go …

409 N. 300 West,  801-532-4497,

Christie Marcy, Associate Editor

I have short hair and I get it cut at one of those walk-in strip mall places because I’ve never seen the point in spending $100 bucks on hair that is literally going to get cut off the next time I’m at the salon. However, I do put a premium on my brows and lashes—perhaps in part because of my short hair. So, I heartily recommend a brow wax, lash lift and all-around tint from Big City Brows. I’m telling you, you have no idea how much this is going to change your life until you have it done and the heavens open up and the birds sing—and I’m not even being hyperbolic. Vanessa is the best—and she does facials, too.

Jessica Ohlen, Marketing Director

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I love a good spa day, and it’s been tricky finding a good one since I moved here. I did eventually find one that I really liked: The Westgate Park City spa.

It has a relaxing adult pool,jacuzzi and lovely saunas and steam rooms. Treat yourself, I promise you’ll love it!
Amanda Pratt, Web Production Specialist
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My husband knows that if he is ever bewildered by what to buy me for any occasion that he can fall back on a gift certificate to the Kura Door Japanese Spa in the Avenues. It’s my favorite way to relax and I love that you could hang out there all day in a robe sipping tea.
Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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