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Staff Picks: Pre-Valentine's Day

Melody Kester, Officer Manager

Looking for a great way to start of your Valentine’s Day celebrations? What’s more romantic than going to than an evening at the Ballet? I will be attending the opening night performance of Ballet West’s Sleeping Beauty on Friday February 10th. Join me for a night of stunning costumes, incredible dancing and being awakened by true love’s kiss! We are truly blessed to have a Ballet company of this caliber in our city. Make sure you support their weeks and weeks of training and hard work to make this presentation possible. Tickets are still available. Share this beautiful experience with someone you love.

Christie Marcy, Associate Editor

If you—unlike me—aren’t tired of talking/hearing/thinking about politics yet, man, have I got the show for you.
Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, will be doing his political-comedy stand up thing at The Eccles on Saturday night. Maher, a libertarian who wants to legalize weed and was the brains behind  Religulous, a documentary that largely mocked people of faith, may be a bit of a fish out of water here in Utah. But, he is a smart political mind and if you can overcome the arrogance (and casual sexism) with which he delivers his material, he might be just what you need to survive week three of our long, national nightmare.
Saturday February 11, 8:00 p.m.—seats are currently sold-out, but check your favorite ticket broker or The Eccles box office day of, and you might just get lucky.

Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

Got time for No Time? If you believe that the worst thing a person can do is sleepwalk through life, you’ll appreciate the Mary Rothlisberger exhibit at UMOCA. The Washington state-based artist is a road tripper whose work wrings all the meaning possible out of her encounters with landscapes, shabby small towns, dust on your shoes and the people making the trip with you—metaphorically or otherwise. If nothing else, she’ll make you think about those selfies you and your buds took in red rock country.

From Nothing to Nothing Is No Time at All at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

20 S. West Temple, utahmoca.org

It’s free, but put some money in the jar!

Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

TGIF it’s the weekend! Time to paint the town red. But wait. You don’t have a Valentine’s date. You’ve conquered your favorite video game. And your wallet is bone dry. “What to do?! What to do?!” Okay, stop pacing. You’re only going to wear a hole in the rug that will force you into an unplanned home project. And we both know you don’t want that. So for a fun creative idea go see the baby chicks at the Intermountain Farmers Association (IFA) of Salt Lake City. That’s right, the IFA just got in a new clutch and they are so cute. They will have you oohing, awing and filling up your Instagram feed with their adorableness. Plus it’s free. Well, free unless, you so happen to want to start your very own chicken coop. But that is between you and the dear yellow fluffies. The IFA is open Mon-Sat, 8am-7p and is located at 1147 W 2100 S. 801.972.3009

Andrea Peterson :