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Staff Picks- Weekend Plans

Weekend Picks by: Mary Malouf, Executive Editor

The Natural History Museum of Utah is hosting its first-ever DinoFest Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. Media, along with Museum guests, will get a rare look inside the Museum’s Paleo Prep Lab, see fossils not usually on display and hear from more than a dozen scientists. For two days only, Jan. 28-29, the Museum will share their work and discoveries about Utah dinosaurs and give visitors a “behind the scenes” look inside the paleontology department. For more information, visit https://nhmu.utah.edu/events/dinofest.

Weekend Picks by: Val Rasmussen, Editor, Utah Bride and Groom 

Mussels and pommes frites are on my agenda this weekend. The Paris Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate a best friend’s birthday. As pleasant as it is to sit on their front patio in the summer, The Paris’ dining experience is just as enjoyable in the winter. Cheers to good wine and aging friends.

Photo credit: www.cityweekly.net/utah/the-paris-bistro-and-zinc-bar

Weekend Picks by: Christie Marcy, Associate Editor

Still all riled up from the marches last week? Me too. Unsure what to do with all of your activist energy? Well, take your body (and your choice) to Planned Parenthood of Utah’s Roe vs. Wade celebration tonight at the Grand Hall at Gateway. Poet and activist Sonya Renee and singer-songwriter Be Steadwell will provide entertainment and PPAU promises dancing, light food and drink. The event is from 7-11, Friday, January 27. Tickets are $20 and all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Utah.
Kathy Griffin has made a career out of her life on the D-list. Griffin, who is performing Friday night, January 27th at The Eccles Theater on a comedy tour in support of her new book, spoke to Salt Lake magazine’s Christie Marcy in a conversation that covered everything from relationship advice to Donald Trump. And then some. Tickets are still available here. 
Weekend Picks by: Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

Although, there is no new snow in the forecast the inversion is coming back. Get out of the smog by heading up to one of  14 ski resorts in Utah. The goods and the bads—there might not be as much fresh powder, but there also might not be as many powder-hounds on the mountain. So bundle up (it’s going to be chilly), grab your gear and go skiing! www.skiutah.com

Weekend Picks by: Jeanine Miller, Art Director
My pick is the Midway Ice Castles, a great way to get outside with the family. Stop in at Heber Valley Artisan Cheese beforehand for the BEST grilled cheese ever, I recommend getting it with the cascade raw cheddar.

Weekend Picks by: Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

This weekend is your last chance to jump on some Sundance flicks. All the twits from L.A. and NYC have vamoosed, leaving the field open to locals. Here’s a couple that I’m going to try to hit. www.sundance.org/schedule?date=2017-01-28#

A Ghost Story: File this under experimental, strange and likely boring. Academy Award-nominee Casey Affleck plays a dead dude who is fated to haunt his grief-stricken lvoer (Rooney Mara.) BUT Affleck reportedly walks around in a sheet. How good is that? Saturday 3 p.m. at the Rose Wager.

The Incredible Jessica James: This is a rom-com, but with Irish comedian Chris O’Dowd as a boy and Jessica Williams, a former The Daily Show correspondent, as the girl, it should be interesting, if not high-larious. 3:15 p.m. At the Grand Theater at SLCC.

Jessica Williams appears in The Incredible Jessica James by Jim Strouse, an official selection of the Premieres section at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute.


Weekend Picks by: Jarom West, Senior Designer
It’s going to be a chilly weekend. High’s aren’t supposed to get above 30degrees. If you need a place to warm up and keep toasty, check out Tosh’s Ramen. They are closed on Sunday, but open Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.toshsramen.com/

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