Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar Beer Dinner

Member of the LaSalle Restaurant Group, Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar, is getting ready for the 2017 Fisher Brewing beer dinner.

Jonathan LeBlanc, new chef at Stanza, has spent a lot of time creating the perfect four-course menu for this dinner. LeBlanc hand selects food to be paired with and complement each of the beer selections available.

LeBlanc expresses the collaboration between Stanza and Fisher Brewing company, stating, “I’m excited to work with Fisher Brewing, their offerings are so flavorful, it’s been fun to work on this menu…I can’t wait to present this menu to our guests.”

The menu for the beer dinner, taking place Thursday August 17, includes food that only a chef of LeBlanc’s stature could pair with beer.

Options include braised pork belly, Gulf shrimp and Tasso ham, pomegranate lacquered duck breast and finishes with a butter pecan pound cake with toasted coconut gelato. Delicious.

Cost for the meal is $85. If you’re interested in the beer dinner, you can make a required RSVP by calling 801-746-4441 or visiting Feast on some good food and beer.

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