Stop Googling: Talk to a Real Person and Get Help Fast with 2-1-1

Have you ever Googled “how to get a job” or “how to diagnose an illness” and come up with thousands of searches that don’t exactly meet your specific needs or requests? Sometimes searching the web for questions or help with everyday needs isn’t enough for us.

United Way has created the perfect system for you to get personalized assistance with your everyday needs. They have come up with an easy 3-digit number designed for you to call and have 24/7 access to human and social services. Whether it’s a question about dental or medical insurance or paying rent or putting food on the table, 2-1-1 has 2,800 providers and around 10,000 services to help you with any concern.

So rather than searching Google and getting answers that Google “thinks” you need based on your search history or whoever has paid to show up on top, 2-1-1 is unbiased and gives information based on what is actually needed. “The people who call us,” says Chiara Cameron-Wood, Managing Director of 2-1-1, “are the people who need things. We record the data, show the data, and use the data in the best way possible… sometimes you need the power of information. We want to empower people and let them know that they have the power to make decisions and have a say over what is happening in their lives.”

Not only is 2-1-1 designed to help you empower yourself, but it also allows you to help empower others. If you have a friend or loved one who is in need—whether they live in the same city as you or not—but may not be able to or want to make the call for themselves, 2-1-1 can point you in the right direction to give them the help that they need.

Please feel free to call today and talk to a real-life person who is interested in helping you or a loved one with your everyday needs.

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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