STREET STYLE: Handmade Edition

written by: Amy Whiting and Megan Skuster

Local sewing machines meet punk-bohemian bliss

Utah is infamous for its craftiness. But let’s be clear: “Handmade” doesn’t have to be synonymous with ancient quilts and regrettable prom dresses. We took to the streets to scavenge for proof. We may live in a valley, but Salt Lake is not laying low.

Dave, Graphic Designer

“I’ve gotten most of my pins [and patches] at conventions, or online. I’ve lost count. This is a cut-out T-shirt that we sewed on the back.” How does Dave describe his personal style? “Mine.”

Chrystal, Comic Con Fan

“It’s crochet. I made it myself. I actually saw a picture of this online. I’d describe my style as classic, punk and feminine.”

Katy, Seamstress

“We sew all the corsets by hand. I’ve worn these for 12 hours… They just make me feel good. They make me feel beautiful, they make me feel strong, and I have so much more posture and confidence.”

Natalie, Fashion Show Producer

“I made it this morning. I was trying to do something kind of swimwear-like but I didn’t want to wear a swimsuit. So it’s swimwear fabric underneath and then colorful flowers. I just let the fabric speak to me.”


Feeling inspired to break through the sartorial (and actual) smog with street style of your own? Many self-empowered fashionistas cite local thrift stores (see pg. 22) or fan conventions like Comic Con as perfect starting points. If you’d prefer to climb the El Capitan face of the crafting mountain and start from scratch, we recommend local fabric shops like Tissu Fine Fabrics and Design Gallery, 435-896-7286,

See more inside the 2017 May/June.

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