Subversive Art Invades SLC

The self-proclaimed “grandpa of guerilla street art” Robbie Conal has hit Salt Lake City in his nationwide satirical poster campaign targeting Donald Trump.

Political street art is nothing new, but Conal has taken it into the digital age. He is printing and shipping his renderings of Trump to volunteers across the country. The volunteers then glue up the posters across their cities—on construction site walls, low billboards or any other horizontal surface in public view.

In SLC, Conal’s minions seem to favor traffic light junction boxes. We saw this one above on the corner of 500 South and 700 East. It didn’t last long. (One clue: A pickup flying a full-sized Confederate battle flag was in the neighborhood.)


Now you see it; then you don’t.

Using volunteers across the country, Conal has made it his mission to stand up against politicians in general. This year, Conal’s target is Donald Trump, but he has a somewhat fair-and-balanced approach to his art. Previous victims have included Bill and Hillary and President Obama.


—Brieanna Olds


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