Summer Secrets: Amy Boutique

Amy Bennett – Owner/Buyer

At Amy Boutique we are all about joy. We pride ourselves on our girly gifts for everyone: jewelry, fragrances, clothes and candles, all budget-friendly and high quality. We are a one stop shop of cute with a side of sparkles. Baby and mom can shop together and grab something sweet to go.

We love everything girly, frills and lace included. Our tops are more than trendy—they are treasures to be found and cherished. You only have to look. Our pieces are classic with a sweetheart twist. Speaking of adorable, check out our baby clothes, tiny shoes and little skirts or traditional onesies and be sure to treat yourself—or BFF, mom or sis with a decadent fragrance or an initial necklace. Whatever you’re looking for stop by Amy Boutique for an experience to brighten your day.

We love our Utah busy bees! Every summer our very own beehive goes on display with all things honey and bee-utiful. Born and raised here in SLC we love the bee almost as much as we love you. Come see what the buzz is all about.

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