Summer Secrets: Paletti

Carol Elliott  & Jackie Brown – Co-Owners

Our name, Paletti, means “everything’s good” and that says it all. We fill our boutique with beautiful clothing perfect for the women of discerning taste. We pride ourselves on sophistication, style and fit.

Nothing is more important than a perfect fit but women are not one-size-fits-all, (thank goodness!) so here at Paletti we believe in alterations. Alterations will make your clothing fit as they were meant to fit and allow you to wear your clothing and prevent your clothing from wearing you. This is key to a high-end look.

Fashion is changing its rules this season. Women, now more than ever, are seizing the opportunity to express themselves through clothing be it a pop of color or funky accessory which we love to help you find. Whether your style is cutting- edge, classic or trendy, we will empower you to look your best.

With the very best clothing and accessories from Europe, Asia, and the USA, our goal is to dress the successful and future successful woman, who seeks quality, elegance, and timelessness. Our meticulous attention and informed advice are available to you on all matters of style with one-on-one service focused on your perfect wardrobe. We look forward to giving each customer a personalized shopping experience, meeting their needs graciously and effectively.

First impressions are lasting impressions, let’s make yours awe inspiring.

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