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At The Stockist, they are all about quality. “We really just want to carry quality goods for the everyday life,” says owner Helen Wade. Rather than fast fashion, The Stockist carries brands that are committed to quality and responsible production. It’s the essentials you have in your closet, but so durable that you’ll never have to buy another. You’ll be able to wear it this season, next season and every one after that.

StockistGot a fancy event on your calendar? The shop carries multi-functional pieces galore that you can dress up for a wedding, or dress down for a barbecue. Guys, go ahead and wear shorts to that gala. It’s okay! @the_stockist

“Many of the brands we carry focus on small batch production,” says Wade. “It’s very specific. With only a few units of each style, you aren’t going to feel like everyone’s wearing your same look.”

Those hoping for that one-in-a-million style are in luck, because The Stockist has brought in all of their favorites. For men, they have a line of swim trunks to splash in style, as well as everyday wear. Local ladies can treat themselves to easy-to-style dresses like the LACAUSA Alma dress (which always sells out, so get one while you can). But for you casual-wear gals, the Stockist also brings in the handy jumpsuit.

“It’s a one and done outfit. It’s perfect,” says Wade. “I might be a little obsessed!”

Obsession, here, is definitely a plus. The Stockist always carries products they would purchase for themselves.

“We do tons of research, and have to find a good reason before we stock anything,” Wade promises.

Get your easy-going summer started by shopping local at The Stockist.

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