Summit Community Power Works installs LED bulbs in Affordable Housing Units


Park City and Summit County have partnered with the Tesoro Foundation and Rocky Mountain Power to install LED bulbs in properties managed by Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, increasing their efforts to win the $5 million Georgetown Energy Prize.

“We are currently in 4th place, with 5 months to go,” explained Mary Christa Smith, Project Manager for Summit Community Power Works.  “This is a win – win for our residents, our organization, and a big step in furthering the sustainability and energy reduction goals of our community,”

Tesoro Foundation awarded a $12,000 grant to Summit Community Power Works to purchase LED bulbs for low income families in Summit County.  Mountainlands Community Housing Trust will coordinate the installation of LED bulbs in 158 residences on Saturday, July 30.  “By providing LED upgrades for 146 affordable apartments and 12 homes, low income residents   will not only save money each month but will make a substantial contribution to our community’s   efforts to reduce its energy consumption,” said Scott Loomis, Executive Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust.

ANNUAL SAVINGS for all 1,714 bulbs purchased, installed and operating:   

~ 126,00 kw-hrs of electricity (not used) per year 

~ $13,000.00 saved (in electricity cost) per year

~ 105,000 pounds of coal NOT burned at regional power plants

~ 290,000 pounds of CO2 NOT produced at these same plants 

~  25,000 gallons of water NOT consumed for cooling purposes at these plants

These savings represent the “triple bottom line” that benefits people, planet and profit.  For more information on SCPW, please visit

Vanessa Conabee
Vanessa Conabee
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