For years, one of our favorite “Friends of the Magazine” (FOM), Stuart Graves, has shared his adventures running around Main Street in Park City searching for celebrities during the Sundance Film Festival and asking them to take, as he says, “an old-school selfie” with his ancient point-and-shoot camera. We call them #stuartselfies. Now in 2023, the Sundance Film Festival has returned. It’s been three years since Stuart has been able to share his antics and portfolio of photos of his face alongside many famous faces. When Sundance called the code in 2022 (at the last minute) and cancelled the in-person festival he announced that he was formally retired from celebrity hunting (although he’s always looking wherever he travels). But like Tom Brady, Stuart just couldn’t stay on the bench and he will be back on Main Street. So here’s his managerie of stars on Main Street Park City from Saturday, Jan. 22, 2023. All photos by Stuart Graves (the smiley guy). See his greatest hits from before the COVID-gap here. Click the links for Day One, Day Two and (an increasingly less-valid) Greatest Hits.

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