Sundance Fest Foreign Lineup Includes Idris Elba Film

Sundance Film Festival is Utah’s connection to global filmmaking. The 2018 line up includes drama and documentary films, including the world premier of the drama Yardie directed by British actor Idris Elba (below) that follows a young boy who witnesses his brother’s assassination.

— The Guilty (Denmark) is a drama of an alarm dispatcher who answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman, then is cut off. With the phone as his only tool, the dispatcher enters a race against time. World Premiere

Foreign Documentary

— Anote’s Ark (Canada) Kiribati, a low-lying Pacific atoll, will disappear due to rising sea levels, population growth and climate change. How do you migrate an entire nation with dignity? It’s a premier in Sundance’s The New Climate selections.

— The Cleaners (Germany, Brazil) takes the audience into a shadow industry of digital cleaners who rid the Internet of what clients don’t like: violence, pornography and political content. But who controls what we see? World Premiere

Next is bold avant guard works distinguished by an innovative, forward-thinking approaches to storytelling. They hint at a new wave of cinema.

— Clara’s Ghost (U.S.A.) is a good example of Next. Clara, fed up with the constant ribbing from her self-absorbed showbiz family, finds solace in and guidance from the supernatural force she believes is haunting her. World Premiere

The festival runs January 18–28, with screenings in Salt Lake City and Park City.


Glen Warchol
Glen Warchol
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