Sundance Mountain Resort Spa Experience

I booked a 90 minute massage at the spa at Sundance Mountain Resort. Masks are required and it’s just you and your massage therapist, which made me feel incredibly comfortable.

Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by the front desk. The aromas entering were foreshadowing of the experience that awaits. I was given a lovely Sundance tote and taken back to change for my massage. Anissa, my massage therapist gave me slippers and a plush robe, and guided me to the fireplace where she prepared a hot foot soak. Cedar, orange peel and vanilla. Anissa then takes me to a private room, lovely Native American flute music and continued inviting aromas. For 90 minutes, with the exception of my ever present mask, I left covid anxiety behind and was transported to serenity. This massage experience was truly lovely. I don’t “pamper” myself often, especially during covid, however the stress was evident throughout my body. Anissa and The Spa at Sundance was a gift. I highly recommend this de-stressing experience.

To learn more about Sundance Mountain Resort, click here.

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