Sundance Necessities

Celebrity spotter Stuart Graves on what you need for a day of star-searching and film-watching at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival beginning Jan. 24. Locals tickets go on sale Jan. 17. 

  1. Sorels

Main Street closes off traffic and becomes a giant sidewalk for the duration: You will be walking. In slush and snow. The same messy street is a literal stomping ground for the beautiful people. The solution for stylish and snow-proof? A pair of Sorels. New styles come out every year, but they last forever, so shoes from years ago just show you’ve always been in the know.

2. Lip balm.

Cold + damp = chapped lips. Fend off the cracks with a frequent swipe of balm.

3. Pens.

On the off-chance you find a celeb who doesn’t want to selfie (hi, Kevin Bacon!) have a pen handy for autographs on your tickets, programs or person. Pilot’s Pens work in the cold, have built in illumination and will impress even the most stoic Sundance celeb.

4. Hand warmers.

Mid-January at 7,000+ altitude is no joke. The digits get icy and you need them to be nimble to operate your camera or cellphone for the selfies you’ll be taking if you run into, oh, Idris Elba or someone. You’ll want to tuck these in your texting gloves. (Necessity 2.1) But know this: They only last a few hours.
Buy a lot.

5. Mints.

Speaking of Idris, you’ll very likely be drinking coffee just to keep warm, but you’ll want minty-fresh breath when you ask him for a selfie.

6. The Ubiquitous Sundance water bottle.

They’re everywhere. Pick them up at any lounge. Consider it swag. And for heaven’s sake, use it! Hydrate, people!

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