Emile Hirsch: Sundance's No. 1 Celeb Miscreant Finds 'Clarity'

Emile Hirsch, famous at Sundance 2015 for lunging drunkenly at a studio producer and choking her (an understandable indie-filmmaker impulse that never, never should be indulged!) was charged with a misdemeanor in Utah. (BTW, Hirsch is also known for his incredible performance in Into the Wild.)

With the bad thing cleared up via fines, jail time, rehab and community service, Hirsch explained himself to Josh Horowitz on the podcast Happy Sad Confused. “I’m still just so sorry for what happened and still just shocked even that it happened,” Hirsch said. “Also, grateful in a way that you know it gave me an opportunity to make my life a lot better and to do some of the things that helped me in finding ways of just clarity.” 

We wondering if Emile will risk another Sundance trip.


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