Sunday’s Best Feeds Our Growing Brunch Obsession

There is something about brunch. It’s the sweet spot between breakfast and lunch with all of the best menu options of both. It’s popping a bottle of chilled champagne for another round of mimosa. It’s getting wasted with your squad at 11 a.m. Whatever it is, we love brunch. And a new restaurant on the south end of the valley is feeding that love seven days a week.

Restauranter Michael McHenry and Chef Tyler Stokes of Sunday's Best
Michael McHenry and Chef Tyler Stokes. Photo courtesy Sunday’s Best

“Brunch is experiential,” says Michael McHenry, the restauranter behind Sunday’s Best (as well as Ginger Street). “Champagne, laughter, connectivity…that’s what we had in mind when we were building the essence of it. We wanted it to feel like the moment you pop the bottle of champagne.” 

Avocado toast with rye bread furikake, radish, boiled egg, lemon and sesame dressing from Sunday's Best
Photo courtesy Sunday’s Best

The restaurant is the brainchild of McHenry and his partner, Chef Tyler Stokes (Provisions). They both love brunch, too. (Then again, who doesn’t?) “It’s our favorite meal. We’re most passionate about it. We love building a lifestyle and culture around it.” That’s right, brunch is a lifestyle. And, it doesn’t hurt that, “Tyler is incredible when it comes to cooking brunch and breakfast,” says McHenry.

Interior of Sunday's Best, an all-brunch restaurant in Sandy, Utah

If You Go

Reservations are encouraged. 
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
10672 State St., Sandy

The menu shows Stokes’ range, but it might be jarring at first. At the top you’ll find Avocado Toast ($9) above much pricier items like Tomahawk Steak And Eggs. The wide range is intentional. “If you want, you can come in for a cup of coffee and a diner breakfast. Or, you can come in for an ’06 bottle of Cristal and caviar. The two co-exist in the same space.”

Brunch at Sunday's Best
Photo courtesy Sunday’s Best

Walking into Sunday’s Best, you’re met with a bold color palette of yellow, seafoam and flamingo pink as well as the lively conversation you’d expect in a place that’s basically been packed since opening day, June 16. “We’ve never experienced anything like this. The response has been remarkable,” says McHenry. “I am just blown away by how Utah has shown up to Sunday’s Best.”

Cocktail at Sunday's Best
Photo courtesy Sunday’s Best

The alchemy partly behind that success is one part niche and one part location. On the south end of the valley, in a sea of chain restaurants, people don’t have access to the same amount of unique, local flavor that you’ll find in downtown SLC. It’s also meeting a demand—not just the demand for brunch but the demand for connection. “For the last year and a half, we have all been hungry for connectivity,” says McHenry. “People want to sit at the table together and share and celebrate with each other.”

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Christie Porter
Christie Porter
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