Women in Business: Suzi Sands

From her own personal experience seeking a place to address intimate concerns, Suzi Sands, Founder and CEO of Aviva Woman, felt there was a gap in women’s health. She found that conventional medical clinics lack the skills and the time to take on many vital and common feminine health issues like libido, sexual function, hormone imbalance and low energy, and don’t provide a comfortable setting that allows women to talk freely and openly about such concerns.

Suzi’s background includes a degree in biology—she was later drawn to esthetics and was part of the opening team to develop the Montage Deer Valley Resort Spa. After that experience, Suzi was inspired to create her own specialized center, Aviva Woman—a place for women to comfortably address intimate concerns in the warmth of a Forbes star spa with the clinical treatments of health care services. To put guests at ease during the initial assessment, they take a less formal, more soothing approach, as Suzi says, “We wish to create a 5-star experience from start to finish, setting the tone and putting our guests at ease so that they can openly discuss with us various options.”

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“It’s more than just about your cosmetic appearance. We make sure that couples and women are comfortable talking about desire and the healthy romantic relationship that is essential for intimacy,” Suzi says, “We listen and create a path to treatment that may include a variety of options from intimate care procedures such as ThermiVa to bio-identical hormone therapy.” Aviva Woman also includes med-spa services such as facials and cosmetic injections with the goal of aging gracefully and naturally whether it be by using Botox or Radio Frequency to address fine lines and wrinkles.

As an exciting addition, Aviva Woman now offers IV infusions like Glutathione, a super powerful antioxidant that can help support a strong immune response, and
ties into improving energy levels, helping you to feel your healthiest and best. Suzi says, “As a free radical scavenger, Glutathione aids in keeping the skin and hair healthy, promoting a better night’s sleep, and reviving energy so we have the time and desire to keep our relationships strong.”

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