Sweet Endings: Doki Doki

If you’re not looking, there’s a good chance you’ll miss Doki Doki nestled under Stoneground Kitchen across the street from the downtown library. Irie Cao and her family came to Utah from Vietnam five years ago. She initially learned the art of Thai rolled ice cream in a previous job. While traveling to LA with a friend, she was introduced to and quickly fell in love with the Japanese crepe. Determined to share these desserts with Salt Lake City, Irie and her family opened Doki Doki in February of this year. Fresh ingredients make this rolled ice cream some of the best available around Salt Lake. You can choose from a menu of flavor creations made from a base of vanilla, chocolate, or mocha. Different toppings are mixed in the ice cream, including a surprisingly refreshing banana flavor. Doki Doki makes its own cookie dough and cheesecake, so you can be sure you’re getting premium, decadent toppings.

Doki Doki Japanese crepe
Doki Doki crepe cake

You can’t find Japanese crepes quite like these anywhere else in Utah. Baking powder and extra milk make them crispier on the outside and chewier on the inside compared to your average French crepe. The crepes are stuffed with a variety of fillings and crowned with a scoop of ice cream and other toppings. The marble crepe stuffed with cream cheese filling and finished with fresh fruit…you have to taste it to fully understand how good it is.

Crepe cakes are also available if you order ahead, with fresh whipped cream layered between a stack of ultra-thin crepes.

Possibly my favorite item on the menu is the “Melt Me Fluffy” pancakes. Prior to visiting Doki Doki, I had only experienced these Japanese pancakes via Instragram. Reminiscent of a souffle, these pancakes filled with chocolate or Nutella are definitely more dessert than breakfast.

The café also features delicious drinks, such as Chinese foam tea and Vietnamese-blend smoothies. The menu continues to expand, with açaí bowls offered starting next week. The word about Doki Doki hasn’t spread just yet, but I predict it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing business booming!

Doki Doki

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