Sweet Endings: Glaus Bakery

Glaus Bakery In a world with ever-changing food trends, it is especially notable when food establishments survive the test of time like Glaus Bakery has. Though its exact origins are a bit unclear, the Glaus brothers came from Germany and opened up the bakery attached to Beau Brummell’s eatery on Main Street as far back as 1935.

The current bakery sits on Highland Drive, and still uses many of the Glaus Brothers’ original recipes. Though owned by the Heaps brothers since the 70’s, new owners took over in November of last year. While they are working in some newer recipes into the rotation, they learned quickly not to mess with the bakery’s staples. Some Glaus customers have been coming to get their favorites every week for the past 60 years.

As soon as you walk through Glaus’s door, you can’t help but notice the display case filled with classic flavors like mint chocolate, red velvet, and raspberry vanilla. If you’re familiar with the bakery, you’re undoubtedly also familiar with its signature cake flavor: chocolate rum pineapple. This unique flavor combination is certainly an acquired taste (one I personally have not quite acquired) with a strong popularity that can ultimately be attributed to nostalgia. Pro tip: if you can’t decide which flavor to choose, get a sampling of the smaller petit fours, available in every cake flavor.

Glaus is known for featuring a variety of different European desserts. The French eclairs and German apple strudel are great, but my personal favorite is the Swedish princess cake. Maybe it’s in my DNA, but there’s something about the domed sponge covered in delicious marzipan that just brings joy to my heart.

You can find a slew of other options as well, from scones and croissants to cookies and brownies. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, I highly encourage you to try one of the whoopie pies, particularly if they happen to have the banana bread with chocolate filling.

The new owners are planning some improvements to the bakery, but are committed to continuing the community that has been engrained in Glaus over the past 80 years. Along with their other projects, Nomad Eatery and Normal Ice Cream, they are working with young talent to create good food that is accessible to the everyone. Keep an eye, and taste bud, out because they’ll be bringing some cool stuff our way soon!

Glaus Bakery, Closed Sunday

3100 S Highland Drive, SLC, 801.486.5908

by Derek Deitsch

Sweet Endings is a recurring feature showcasing new and innovative sweet treats as well as some of Salt Lake City’s staple desserts. If you have any sweet tips, let me know! @derekdeitsch

Derek Deitsch
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