Alamexo mixes what you know with what you might not for its new cocktail menu

If the new Alamexo Mexican Kitchen and Alamexo Cantina drink menus look familiar, that’s because they should—the menus were designed to evoke familiarity for customers and create an entry point for the average drinker for tequila and mezcal.

Take, for instance, the Medicina Botanica—Espolón reposado, ginger agave, lemon and a Wahaka Mezcal float. Alamexo Mexican Kitchen’s General Manager, Dan Creagh says this is a fresh take on a Scotch Penicillin Cocktail.  “You get the ginger and honey as well as the lemon juice,” he says—but the substitution of mezcal for Scotch is intentional. “Wahaka gives it that smoky Scotch flavor,” explains.

The menu also has Mexican favorites with slight twists: a paloma made with grapefruit juice rather than grapefruit soda and an Espolón blanco low-rider with a Grand Marnier float, for example. And as always, the house margarita can be made with any of the tequilas on the menu—which there are plenty to choose from.

“We’re trying to help people push their way into Mexican drink culture,”  says Creagh. As people become more familiar with mezcal, the liquor’s presence on Alamexo’s menu is expected to grow. “People’s knowledge of mezcal—not just in Utah but slowly across America—is increasing.” As a result, he says, “We’re seeing a lot more than just gold and silver tequilas out there.”

Alamexo Cantina: 1059 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-658-5859,

Alamexo Mexican Kitchen: 268 State St., #110, SLC, 801-779-4747

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