Table X: A Special Dinner Event with Clark Marshall’s Designer Dinnerware

You expect the food at Table X to be an excellent combination of classical and innovative, with fresh, seasonal ingredients. But a dining experience doesn’t begin and end with the palate, as Salt Lake magazine showed in its 2017 Dining Awards, which featured food on beautifully designed custom dinnerware by Clark Marshall. This combination of quality food and presentation is exactly what to expect at Clark Marshall’s upcoming show and dining event.

Clark Marshall’s simple and elegant stoneware has been used at restaurants such as Pallet Bistro, Handle, Provisions, HSL, Stoneground, Tupelo, and the late Forage. Table X has exclusively been serving on his previous work, and has enthusiastically agreed to serve their seasonal tasting menu on Clark Marshall’s brand new Designer Dinnerware. The private event will feature a pop-up style atmosphere, giving the guests the opportunity to meet other people in the area who share the same passion for food and art. The tickets, standing at $89 each, will include tax, tip, and the full tasting menu of up to nine courses. It does not include drinks or wine pairings, but they will be available at the event and will be payable directly to the restaurant.

If you would like to share in this experience on October 1 at 5:30 p.m., email Clark Marshall at, or visit him in person at the SLC Farmer’s Market where his booth is set up every Saturday morning. Once the tickets are paid for in full, your spot will be reserved.

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