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Lauren McCluskey: The Tragic and Unnecessary Tale

On October 22, 2018 at 9:55 p.m., 21-year old Lauren McCluskey was found dead inside the back of a car in the parking lot next to her University of Utah campus dormitory....

COVID & Classes – How to Organize a Campus

For students attending the University of Utah this fall, only one thing is clear: The semester won’t start with the traditional big opening assembly at Kingsbury Hall. The 2019-2020 school year dribbled...

Mandate Press Hosts a Reading of Michael Mejia’s Newest Book, TOKYO.

Written by: Madeline Slack TOKYO has a little bit of everything. It opens with a comic report from a Japanese executive talking about fish he just acquired. If this isn’t interesting enough, there...

Tech for Tots: UCAT’s quest to make life easier for the disabled.

The Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT) is an intrepid group devoted to helping disabled persons reach their potential through the use of technology.

In Focus: A U of U engineering professor brings Eyeglass Technology into the 21st Century

Carlos Mastrangelo needed a new pair of spectacles. Like most 50-year-olds, Mastrangelo’s vision was blurry, and like most 50-year-olds, he hated the eyeglasses prescribed by his optometrist.

March for Science on Saturday.

Utah will host two marches for science on Saturday with the goal of letting citizens know how important science and scientists are to the country's health, economy and way of life. It's...

Podcast: Elevation causes Mental Health Issues and Depression in Utah

Life Elevated Can Be a Bummer. Dr. Perry Renshaw and researchers at the University of Utah Brain Center have learned something astonishing about life at high-altitudes—living Utah can bottom out mood in people who suffer depression.

Lassonde Studios is a Top-Nine Campus Designs.

Sometimes to be new and cutting edge, you've got to be willing to age. Lassonde Studios, the newest building at the University of Utah hals won accolades for being designed to show the ravages of time....

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