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Take a Hike: Farmington Creek Trail (Lagoon Section)

Distance: 2 to 6 miles (depending on who you’re with/where you start)

Elevation gain: 284 feet (below the base of the mountain)

Time: Three ways to do this hike or bike: Start near the mountains, start by Lagoon and make your way up to the base of the mountains (best if you’re with kids) or start by Lagoon and continue on into the mountains to see the slow transition to wilderness. We’re mainly writing about the option with the kids, which is two hours out and back with frequent stops for photos and enjoying Farmington Pond.

Notable: The Pond! Go fishing, have a blast.

Trail: If you’re a hardcore hiker or biker, the part we’re talking about is not for you. Scroll down to the second to last paragraph and skip the rest. This is the perfect trail to take the kids on foot or bike. It’s relatively flat and they’ll see things along the way that will keep them engaged like Lagoon’s animals, horses on private property and Farmington Pond, where you can stop and do some fishing. Go ahead and bring snacks as well. There are benches and trash bins along the way. Bridges and beautiful foliage are also on the route. If you see signs for “Lagoon Trail,” don’t get nervous. It’s the same exact trail with a different name along the park’s perimeter. The trail starts on a short pathway through some shrubbery and then across the street beside Lagoon’s campgrounds. Keep going and you’ll pass by Lagoon’s zoo. Once the “Lagoon Trail” ends, you’ll need to make a left down the street and go across to pick up the trail again, which will take you to Farmington Pond. Keep going and you’ll be at the base of the mountain, away from all the screams of people on Colossus you were hearing about an hour ago. Now, you’ll actually be able to hear the creek! At that point, you can continue into the mountains or head back down to the car.

Who you’ll see: You’ll see a lot of joggers, older couples and big families on bike rides. If it’s summer, you’ll also see people camping out and getting on and off Rattlesnake Rapids at Lagoon. Once you get to the pond, you’ll see families enjoying the water.

How to get there: Take the Farmington exit off I-15 North and pass by Farmington Jr. High. Drive on 200 West until you hit State Street. Make a left and then a right on 400 West (right before the overpass that goes over the freeway). Parking is on your left. A gazebo to have lunch in is on the north end of the parking lot.

To get to the Canyon section: Drive up Farmington Canyon (reached from 400 N. 100 East) until you reach the Sunset Campground, which is half way up.

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