Talisker Club is embarking on a multi-faceted new phase in Park City. The public-facing centerpiece is a new restaurant, Courchevel, housed in the heart of Old Town in the historic Coal and Lumber building on Main Street. City regulations mandate the street level be available to the public, so the Courchevel restaurant and bar is the everyman’s slice of the Talisker Club lifestyle. Courchevel is both Talisker Club’s public-facing landmark and its year-round anchor to downtown Park City, though the downstairs lounge and patio is for members only. 

Talisker Club Courchevel
Photo by Adam Finkle / Salt Lake Magazine

Courchevel is only part of the new chapter. Talisker Club is investing in new amenities across several properties. Tuhaye—which overlooks the Jordanelle Reservoir and is home to a Mark O’Meara signature golf course—will feature an expansive family-friendly outdoor park and pool complex, while the Tower Club at Empire Pass will feature a spa expansion and renovation. New real estate offerings will be available at both Tuhaye and Empire Pass, and for the first time Talisker Club will offer shared ownership opportunities, which could significantly broaden its customer base. 

Sister City

Park City has a long-time but little known sibling—Courchevel, also a world-renowned ski resort town, is located in the French Alps and the two towns officially united in 1984. Their popular student exchange program has strengthened their ties, and municipal interaction helps each city with new ideas for solving mutual problems, like retaining small-town charm in the face of growing tourism.

The Talisker moniker has a bit of complicated history in town—including a fraught stint while operating the Canyons Resort—which the modern incarnation of Talisker Club hopes to shed after being purchased by Georgia-based real estate firm Storied Development in early 2018. “We want to tell our story again,” Storied Development Partner Mark Enderle said during an interview at the Tuhaye Welcome Center. “Talisker Club is a living, breathing thing. We have more than 450 members who all understand we’re not on an island but are part of the fabric of this community.” 

Naturally, the real estate expansion and new restaurant requires a workforce increase. Enderle didn’t provide specifics about how Talisker Club would help address the growing workforce shortage and dearth of affordable housing in Summit County, but he reiterated that Talisker Club had already met Park City’s affordable housing quota and pledged the company’s continued charitable efforts in the area. “Nearly all of our staff live here in Park City, and they want to do the right thing for the community and the company,” Enderle articulated. 

201 Heber Ave, mytaliskerclub.com.

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