Influential Women In Business: Tami Steggell

cherished Utah experience for the past decade, RubySnap is an exceptional cookie bakery famous for using fresh ingredients, pure chocolates, clean nut butters, seasonal produce, vanilla beans hand-picked at the plantation, real butter and rich creams, all of which are carefully curated from various farms, fruit orchards and well-researched suppliers. Every small batch is hand-prepared to Ruby’s specifications and baked fresh daily.

Previously a commercial designer of hospitals, clinics, colleges and universities, Founder and CEO Tami Steggell turned her love of quality food into a full-time pursuit. “I care about quality, and I care about my relationships. This translates in the way our recipes are developed with the ‘No Yucky Stuff’ policy,” says Steggell. “All this leads to amazing flavor because nothing is masked by artificial ingredients. Real butter, pure cane sugar, fresh farm eggs—all goodness.”

Formerly an avid cyclist who created treats worthy of her free eating days, Tami gathered all those recipes together and took them to the streets to see how the public would respond, and they absolutely loved it. “We just opened two new stores in Las Vegas, and we are loving the people and the culture,” she says. “We have stores forthcoming in Jackson Hole and Park City. Our plan is to thoughtfully grow and spread the love and have the world get to know RubySnap.”


Q. Biggest challenge?

“I feel better answering this question as the point of greatest importance, and that is maintaining integrity and standards as the company scales upward, therefore we place great care in finding the very best employees to build our story. I love being very personal and one-on-one with every employee and customer.”

Q. Where do you look for professional inspiration?

“My goal is to take cookies to the next level by never creating a ‘look-alike’ cookie. I use my life experiences from traveling to influence recipe development. Even our classic options have a twist; we are soon introducing an horchata inspired ‘snickerdudette’ cookie to emulate the classic cookie, yet present the flavor verve we’ve become known for.”

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