Taste of the Wasatch

My favorite Utah food event is coming up on Sunday August 7th.

Taste of the Wasatch mixes around 50 chefs from the top Utah restaurants and bakeries together at Solitude Mountain Resort for one stunning day of sun, food and sips. 


Chefs pull out all the stops to impress with small bite tastings. With all the culinary geniuses trying to outdo each other, our tastebuds win. Menu items often feature local products and produce, seasonal flavors and a twist of the exotic. I promise you it is a MUST event for any food nerd.  I haven’t missed it in the past seven years.


Taste of the Wasatch is so much more than just a ‘foodie’ event. The real purpose is to fight hunger and food insecurity right here in Utah. 3 Squares, Inc is the non-profit that produces the event every year. And every year, the proceeds from the event go to support programs that focus on the root cause of hunger and seek to provide sustainable and real solutions.


With one in five people in Utah not knowing where their next meal is coming from, there are real gaps in making sure that families get a true hand up instead of just a hand out.  

3 Squares Inc partners with Utahns Against Hunger and local chefs to create programs that provide nutrition education, sourcing, growing, preparing, cooking and storing healthy food choices—to make a change that will last.


I tagged along for one of their cooking classes designed to help kids from low income families learn how to cook. “Basic nutrition education is a huge gap that exists for food insecure families. Many kids (and even parents) don’t know how to do basic thinks like make pasta or scramble an egg. So they resort to packaged or fast food. Which is more expensive and far less nutritious” said Karen Zabriskie, the director of 3 Squares, Inc. 


The day I tagged along Chef Adam Kreisel from Chaia Cucina worked with a group of around fifteen kids to teach them how to make a basic breakfast burrito. Something easy, filling and affordable. He covered everything from knife skills to using a hot pan safely.  


The class was very hands on. Kids were chopping and whisking and stirring and in the end, eating. Most of all, they learned that cooking is fun and that it is easy as well.

So, when you attend Taste of the Wasatch this weekend, you are supporting so much more. You are providing break in the loop of poverty and hunger in Utah. Tickets are still available! Get yours today.

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